31 May 2013

The Assassination of Doctor Tiller

Remember his life and legacy, and continue to mourn his murder.

Thank you Dr. Tiller, for all your good work and valiant life.

18 May 2013

Did You Notice? It's Spring!

Common Cause CT's Annual Spring Event is coming up. Although the invitation below is illegible I had to post it because it is so pretty.  Here are the pertinent points: 
"America the Possible"
Wednesday May 22nd   6pm - 8:30pm
 The Hartford Club - 46 Prospect St - Hartford,CT
Special Guest James Gustave (Gus) Speth

RSVP to khynes@commoncause.org or call 860-549-1220
Suggested Donation $75

17 May 2013

Sat May 18 - Free Event for Families

A FREE family festival with many exhibits that are ecology-centric.
Kids activities, food and fun!


The Milford Rotary Pavilion is behind the library off New Haven Avenue.

09 May 2013

Amazing Word Game

 Did you know the words "race car" spelled backward still spells "race car"?

And the word "eat" is the only word that, if you take the first letter and
move it to the last, spells it's own past tense:      "ate"?


And if you rearrange the letters in "Tea Party Republicans," add just a few letters, it spells:
"Shut the f*** up you pathetic, progress blocking, benefit-grabbing, obstructionist, out-of-the-closet racist, resource-sucking, anti-tax, homophobic, violent hypocrites and mindless non-compromising unrealistic idiots, and deal with the fact that you wrecked the country under Bush and the President of America is BLACK, so get over it you morons!"

Isn't that interesting?

(apologies if you already heard/saw this)

06 May 2013

Election in Woodbridge TODAY

It is a little bit baffling to look at the New Haven Register online and see no mention of the election happening today in our area. I am in Chicago today so can't run down to Howe's Drugstore or out to a street newsbox to see if the dead tree version rectifies this with a banner declaring


PS: Vote for Ellen Scalletar for First Selectman, and the entire Democratic Team on Row B