28 June 2012

Orange Democrats and Independents

I was a guest at the Orange Democratic Town Committee meeting this week and really enjoyed it. Trish Pearson makes sure this an informative, open discussion combining issues and elections.

All three of the people running for State Representative were in attendance: Representative Paul Davis, who has been doing an excellent job for several years, and new candidates James Maroney and Aldon Hynes.  All three are running for office within the Citizens' Election Program ("Clean Elections Program") and are accepting contributions as low as $5 per person and with a cap of $100 per person. 

That keeps the big shots to a minimum and gives a voice to regular working people!

James Maroney has already received enough small contributions to qualify for a grant. Representative Davis has been busy in Hartford so still needs a few more contributions, but Aldon Hynes is just beginning his campaign.

Hynes works full time at The Community Health Center, so his door-knocking time is limited to evenings and weekends.

A recent email from him stated:
"Right now, my top priority is to get 150 donations of between five and a hundred dollars from people in Woodbridge, Orange and Derby.  This includes people 12 years and older from anywhere in the Woodbridge, Orange and Derby, whether or not it is part of the 114th Assembly District.  Two checks of $50 each from a husband and wife, are more valuable than one check of $100 from either the husband or the wife.  This will qualify the campaign to receive over $25,000 from the Citizens Election Program.  June 30th is the end of this quarter, and we hope to make as strong a showing as possible.  So, please, donate today.  You can download a donation form and send it to the campaign, or donate online at our website."
Aldon Hynes's campaign finally offers an alternative to the Republican candidate! Please sign on to donate a small amount and support the Democratic Process. The website is http://hynes2012.org

Photo by Bill Dauphin of Aldon and I in 2008 at an event. I am hiding my double chin, not swearing in Italian.

Obama: LGBT Rights Champion

26 June 2012

Free Event where Your Health Matters

Get your blood pressure checked and find out where other free health care can be accessed in our area.
And, hey!, Get a current HIV test and some free food while you are at it!

22 June 2012

$1000 prize !! Student Writing Contest

Too Cool For School Dept.
Dear Nation Reader,

We've extended the deadline for our Student Writing Contest to June 29!

We're looking for thoughtful student voices to answer this question in 800 words: What do you think is the most important issue of Election 2012? Essays should not exceed 800 words. We’ll select five finalists and two winners–one from college, one from high school.
Each winner will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize and a Nation subscription. The winning essays will be published in The Nation and featured at thenation.com. Entries will be accepted through June 29, 2012. A winner will be announced by September 15. All high school and college students eligible. Submissions and questions can be e-mailed to studentprize@thenation.com.

We'd be grateful for any help in spreading the word in advance of next Friday's deadlineRead last year's winners and please tell any students you know about this opportunity.
Many thanks for your help!

All best,
Peter Rothberg, The Nation

Hurry Hurry Hurry.

19 June 2012

Join In: Door-Knocking, Phone Banking, & Edible Gardens

Lots of cool meetings and happenings.

If you want to be on any of my email lists, please contact me now-ish ctfreeradicals@gmail.com

14 June 2012

Coded Event:- CCAG BBQ 6-16-12

C.C.A.G. B.B.Q. = Connecticut Citizen Action Group Barbeque.
Obviously (?) no reverse side is included in this format.