27 September 2012

Aldon Hynes News: State Rep Candidate Endorsed by DFA

Democracy for America Endorses Aldon Hynes for Connecticut General Assembly (CT-114)

Burlington, VT
 – Today, Democracy for America (DFA), endorsed Aldon Hynes for Connecticut’s General Assembly (CT-114).  Hynes, a DFA member and activist, currently works for a community health center and understands the needs of the 114th Assembly District.     

"Aldon is as committed as anyone that I know to providing all Connecticut residents with affordable healthcare,” said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. “He’s seen firsthand what our community needs are and understands why the insurance industry is bleeding us to death – literally.  Connecticut needs someone like Aldon fighting for the uninsured, fighting for middle class values, and keeping Hartford’s politicians transparent.”

"I am thrilled that Democracy for America has endorsed my campaign for State Assembly.  My wife and I have been involved with DFA since its inception.  In these days when secretive billionaires are contributing millions to sway our elections, the kind of grassroots campaigning DFA supports is more important than ever." 

Link to this statement can be found on democracyforamerica.com: http://bit.ly/QI13hm
Democracy for America was founded by Governor Howard Dean,  former candidate for President and then Chairman of the Democratic Party. The Chairman, Jim Dean, is his brother. Governor Dean often appears on television talkshows and DFA is a powerful voice in progressive politics.

Read more about Aldon Hynes here and Click here for an article in the Orange Patch from this Spring.

What the articles don't say (but *I will*) is that Themis Klarides, Aldon's opponent, is a former associate of WWE sex-and-violence peddler Linda McMahon and her record in Hartford invludes voting AGAINST raising the minimum wage, AGAINST prohibiting discrimination based on Gender Identity, AGAINST Paid Sick Leave, AGAINST the Healthcare Partnership and Sustinet. For Fairness Sake: She got a good score from NARAL in 2000, but has not been endorsed since then.