31 October 2011

How Blind People Cross the Street - Incl. Milford

Hat Tip to Mike Konopka

Starring Tommy Edison a.k.a. "Blind Film Critic".
Blind since birth; Radio Personality; Traffic Reporter; Blind Film Critic

FACEBOOK http://on.fb.me/neHThi
WEBSITE http://tommyedison.com

Don't know how he found out about the beeping crossing signals in Downtown Milford, but certainly think it should be everywhere. We used to have a more annoying bird sound but people with offices at the crosswalk complained. Really, it doesn't need to be a loud signal, since you are listening for it if you are blind.

29 October 2011

Finding a Less Silly Mayor

Ben Blake for Mayor of Milford - Vote ROW A

Election Apathy and Work Ethics - Guest Post by Phillip Givens of Milford

This was printed in the Milford Mirror this past week, but I think they edited it.

While it is never good to sit out an election, I can understand why almost 60% of voters do not vote in local elections. It’s hard to be engaged in local politics when most people are busy trying to manage their own complex lives.

But is it right that those who run our City are likewise disengaged?  We have a Mayor, a City Clerk, 15 elected members on the Board of Alderman, a School Board and Planning and Zoning Board to make sure that our City is run properly. 

However, for too long, those we have elected to do the work of the city have been disengaged.  Our Mayor is currently taking courses to receive certification for his new job with the School Board; a job he managed to negotiate while running the City and working on the budget for the Milford schools.

The City Attorney is working as a campaign manager for the Republican candidate for Mayor though he has never found the time to actually do the work of an attorney such as filing motions and appeals or representing Milford in court.

The full-time Assistant to the Mayor is also working to elect republican candidates by broadening her job duties to include writing a scathing letter accusing an elected representative of the Board of Education (who happens to be a democrat) of having inappropriate Halloween decorations, but saying nothing—absolutely nothing—about the horrible attendance record of the republican members of the same board.   

Even the City Clerk seems disengaged: after someone discovered that a 1980s era ordinance had been ‘lost’ costing Milford’s Open Space Fund over $1-million, this elected and salaried official casually predicted that “there may be others (ordinances) lost as well;” offering absolutely no public reassurance that an effort would be made to find out what other ordinances were ‘mislaid’ or suggesting any changes that would ensure that the laws passed by the City were actually enacted. 

Bob Joy, who is trying to trade his short stint as an unpaid Republican member of the Board of Alderman for the salaried and benefit laden job of Mayor defends his failure to vote in any municipal election where he was not a candidate and his dismal attendance at Board of Alderman meetings as merely a case of having been, heretofore, “disengaged”. 

I don’t know Bob Joy, and I don’t like negativity in elections—but in this case I think that local republicans are hopelessly and haplessly disengaged.  How can local voters take republicans seriously when clearly the Milford republicans do not take local government seriously?
Phillip Givens
Milford, CT 

28 October 2011

Update - Oil Disaster in New Zealand

Nearly 900 tonnes of oil removed from Rena
October 28, 2011 - 8:29PM

Nearly 900 tonnes of oil has been pumped from the container ship Rena grounded off New Zealand's Tauranga coast.

As of 2pm on Friday (1200 AEDT), 882 tonnes of oil had been pumped off Rena, which held 1700 tonnes when it crashed into the Astrolabe Reef on October 5.

About 350 tonnes of oil has leaked into the ocean killing more than 1300 birds.
Nearly 400 birds are being kept at a wildlife centre, some found oiled and others caught pre-emptively.

Three whales stranded at Papamoa Beach on Friday and a post-mortem examination was being done on one that died to see if oil was a factor. The other two whales were refloated. [...]

This used to be a bird:
From Daily Mirror UK
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26 October 2011

Jepson Endorses Suzanne Manning - WooT!

Letter to the Editor, as shown at the Milford Mirror online edition, print version expected on Thursday 10/27

Former mayor Jepson backs Manning for city clerk

To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Suzanne Manning for many years now. It is with a privilege to be able to give her my heartfelt endorsement of her candidacy for Milford City Clerk.

Suzanne is an integral part of the Milford community. Seven years ago she launched Milford Living Magazine, capturing the lifestyle and interests of our Milford family. In addition to her professional experience, Suzanne currently serves on the boards of The United Way of Milford and The Get in Touch Foundation.

She is a member and friend to a number of civic and community-based organizations including The Milford Chamber of Commerce, The Network of Executive Women, Milford Hospital Auxiliary, The Irish Heritage Society of Milford, and The Milford Historical Society. She has received a number of venture awards within the business community including: The Business Times 40 under 40 award, and The Milford Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year. In addition, Suzanne has received two citations for her active participation in government affairs from the State of Connecticut for Business Expertise and Community Development.
Suzanne also served the City of Milford as a Board of Alderman and as a committee member and board liaison for Devon Revitalization and the Walnut Beach Enhancement commission. Suzanne is a community minded individual who brings a positive perspective to the good work she does for the City of Milford.

Suzanne is eminently qualified and passionately committed and I am honored to call her my friend. I whole heartedly endorse Suzanne Manning as our next Milford City Clerk.

Alan Jepson

25 October 2011

Women's Health Forum: in Hartford - FREE

Raising Women's Voices Community Conversation

The Studio
Oct. 26: Raising Women’s Voices: Byllye Avery
Join Avery, a noted healthcare activist, along with
Teresa Younger and CT State Healthcare Advocate
Victoria Veltri, in a community conversation: “Health
Reform: What’s in it for You?”; Studio at Billings Forge,
Hartford; 5:30-7 p.m.

Health Reform - What's in it for you?
Women celebrated the historic accomplishment of enacting the new health reform law that can help us gain access to quality, affordable health care.
Join us for a community conversation about what women are getting from health reform with special guest speakers:
Byllye Y. Avery, Raising Women’s Voices & long time health care activist              
Teresa Younger, CT Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
Victoria Veltri, CT State Healthcare Advocate
Sponsored by Raising Women's Voices, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England and the CT Permanent Commission on the Status of Women

24 October 2011

Jeanne Cervin for Planning & Zoning in Milford

You Know Jeanne Cervin                      . . . Even If You Haven’t Met Her
Jeanne Cervin Worked for You
Jeanne was on the Milford Planning and Zoning Board for two terms, serving as Chairperson for two years.

While on the P & Z Board, she shepherded through a regulation change that banned recycling plants and trash-hauling operations in the Housatonic Design District, a large swath of land along the Housatonic River north of Interstate 95. 

She also oversaw a regulation requiring that 50 percent of an existing structure be maintained for a re-build on non-conforming lots, thereby preserving the integrity of surrounding neighborhoods, as well as working on a pivotal regulation change that limited the height of residential homes on the shoreline. 
In previous terms on the Planning and Zoning Board, she worked on the Subdivision Regulations of the City of Milford, and was instrumental in updating the Plan of Conservation & Development for the City of Milford.  Jeanne also established an Ethics Disclosure Policy for Board members, instituted an orientation process for new members, and created the policy Member Handbook.
Jeanne Cervin is Your Neighbor
As a long time supporter and member of the Environmental Concerns Coalition, Jeanne has worked on numerous projects to protect the environment in the Milford. She is currently Chair of the Milford Environmental Protection Initiative, which offers grants to stimulate and support environmental protection in Milford.  She is also a co-founder of the Central Avenue Neighborhood Association.
Jeanne Cervin is Fair-Minded
Jeanne has always been a passionate advocate for bi-partisan cooperation, and was endorsed by both political parties her second term.  Consistent with her belief in transparent governing, she supported the televising of P & Z meetings. 

Jeanne Cervin is Caring
A psychotherapist in private practice with an office in Westport, Jeanne works with individuals in personal crisis.  Previous to her career as a psychotherapist she worked in varied positions as a Registered Nurse. Jeanne raised her two sons in Milford and is devoted to her three grandchildren.
So, as it turns out....
You do Know Jeanne Cervin!
Jeanne Cervin is the Caring, Fair-Minded Neighbor who Worked for Your Interests Before and is Willing to Do So Again. 
Vote for Jeanne Cervin on
Tuesday, November 8th
to return to the Planning & Zoning Board
for Conscientious

23 October 2011

Ensuring Equality - Learn Your Rights

Implementing and Enforcing
the new Non-Discrimination law
Educational Session

October 26th
5:30 - 7:00 panel discussion
7:00 opportunity to chat!
Legislative Office Building
Room 2E
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Guest Speaker-- Senator Beth Bye
Jennifer Levi, GLAD
Alix Simonetti, CHRO
Cheryl Sharp, CHRO

A workshop about the new legal protections provided by the addition this year of gender identity or expression to Connecticut's non-discrimation law.
  • LEARN what the new law covers and does not cover
  • LEARN how to file a discrimination claim 
 Sponsored by: CT TransAdvocacy Coalition, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, and CT Women's Education and Legal Fund
    Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund
    One Hartford Square West
    Suite 1-300
    Hartford, CT 06106

    21 October 2011

    Suzanne Manning: Defining Community

    Suzanne Manning is the Democratic Party’s candidate for Milford City Clerk.
    It’s the only way the Government Center can get Better!

    As a resident of Milford for 13 years and a businesswoman based here, Suzanne has made her mark on many far-reaching areas of our community.  With unbounded energy and attention to detail, her resume is stunning in its scope.  Here are the basics:
    •  Publisher of Milford Living Magazine chronicling the people, places, and events that make Milford such a special place to live and work.
    • Organizer, Annual Milford Living Kite Fly on Walnut Beach
    • Publisher of custom-designed magazines for select clients, as well as Q (smoking cessation quarterly), Be Well, and Personal Development magazines.
    • Entrepreneur: I-Tag-It, developing customized QR Codes
    • Milford Board of Aldermen, Representing the 3rd District, 2007-2009. Initiatives included
      - Recycling collection points at parks, beaches, and during special events
      - Buy American/local vendor initiative for city services
      - replace city cars with high mileage and hybrid vehicles
    • United Way (Milford) Board Member
    • Get In Touch Foundation (Breast Health Education), co-Founder and Board Member
    • Commissioner, Walnut Beach Commission
    • Memberships include Milford Chamber of Commerce, Network of Executive Women, Milford Historical Society, and too many more to mention.

    As mother of two children, Suzanne has been active in the support of St. Ann’s School and St. Gabriel’s Church.  She bravely faced the challenge of coaching her son’s basketball team when he was at the most easily embarrassed age a man can be: 15.  

    In addition, she cheerfully encourages her daughter’s new business ventures, which are devised with startling regularity each quarter.

    The office of City Clerk is the primary resource for vital statistics and any document-related issues faced by residents or business owners in Milford.  As a small business entrepreneur, Suzanne has many creative, innovative ways to work efficiently within a limited budget. She knows how to transition the Clerk’s office from a “fold and file” paper office to a centralized resource for all transaction between citizens and their city.
    Administrative jobs need not be a bureaucratic maze of red tape, phone calls shuttled from one person to another, and paperwork nightmares. A person with many skills and experiences can bring to their work a fresh, alternative approach to the job at hand. Rising to the challenge of a busy city means bringing into the workspace a sense of community spirit and streamlined customer service.
    City Clerk is not a sit-down job at a distant desk in a chaotic workroom. It is a constantly changing environment where, in collaboration with various city departments, the staff could be involved with such initiatives as
    • Marketing the City of Milford
    •  Coordinating projects
    • Saving on costs
    • Managing City Services
    Integrating widely dispersed information, the Clerk’s office can easily become the center of local government and citizen-generated materials.  The office is fundamentally situated for management and distribution of informational brochures, special purpose publications, online surveys, and social media outreach on behalf of the City of Milford.
    In today's day and age, technology has become important in all our lives, and Suzanne’s experience, talent, and community focus will ensure that technological advances will be made in the City Clerk's office. 

    It’s the only way the Center is ever gonna get Better!

    Vote for Suzanne Manning on
    Tuesday, November 8th
    for Milford City Clerk
    VOTE “ROW A”

    20 October 2011


    The Get In Touch Foundation is a global breast “health” organization developed specifically for girls in grades 5-12 to emphasize the importance of educating them on breast self examination. The program teaches girls to “get in touch” with their bodies and has been developed by Get In Touch board members and members of the medical community, as well as focus-groups of girls ages 8-18.

    Mary Ann Wasil Nilan is the founder and inspirational leader of The Get In Touch Foundation, which helps young girls learn that self-exams are easy, not embarrassing, lifesaving, and necessary. 

    Though the work is year-round, one day each year is National “GIT Your Pink On!” Day. This year we celebrate/ruminate/and educate the community on Friday October 21st. Governor Dannel P. Malloy has honored G.I.T. with an Official Proclamation and this week many companies, large and small, are collecting dollars to provide free Daisy Wheels for girls. The Original Daisy Wheel is a plastic disk, used to teach the following 8 Tips - and for modern type people there is now a Daisy Wheel Application on the iTunes Store that has been downloaded over 1,000 times, in 26 countries, since its launch this summer.
    1. BSE Breast Self Exam - Think of your breast as a daisy.
    2. Look at your breasts in the mirror – hands on hips – tighten your chest. Anything weird? Discharge, puckering, dimpling?
    3. Lying down, firmly press 3 fingers on your breast in a circular motion. Examine each "petal."
    4. Apply 3 different levels of pressure – light, medium, firm – with your finger pads to check your breast tissue.
    5. Use pressure level (L, M, F) on each "petal" before moving to the next.
    6. Start by your armpit and move down to just below your breast, using the same circular motion in an up and down pattern, covering your whole breast. Repeat on other breast.
    7. Sitting or standing, raise your arm slightly and use the same circular motions with your finger pads to examine your underarm. (Standing in the shower is a great place to do this!)
    8. Did you see or feel something that worries you? Don't be embarrassed – tell your mother, father, sister, grandmother, school nurse, teacher, your BFF! Talk about it – GET IN TOUCH! 
    Hope lives!  And so does Mary Ann

    Further PS from facebook - an event on Saturday for Get In Touch Foundation.

    "GIT Your Rock On" Rock Painting Contest

    Saturday, October 22 · 11:00am - 2:00pm

    Gulf Beach Patio

    Created By

    More Info
    Rock On is sponsoring a rock painting contest to benefit the Get In Touch Foundation. The contest is open to boys and girls age 7-12, bur we encourage people of all ages to participate. The participants will be supplied with paint and brushes to create their art on any rock that they can find on the beach. The suggested donation is $5 per entry. A limit of 2 entries per person. Three prizes for the top winners will be awarded by a panel of judges. Registration begins at 11 am and the contest will run from 11:30 am -1:00 pm. All proceeds will be donated to the Get In Touch Foundation. Rain date is Sunday 10/23.

    19 October 2011

    "ICYMI" -- Chris Donovan Leads

    Currently Chris Donovan is the Speaker of the House in Connecticut. He is undoubtably going to be the new Congressman from the Fifth of the 5 CT Congressional Districts.
    You can donate to Chris Donovan's campaign via the link on the right side of this page or by clicking here.

    This is a photo taken this week at an event for the Connecticut Working Families Party at a very cool place called the Pine Loft Pizzeria and Café on the Berlin Turnpike. Mr. Donovan knows how to comb his hair. I don't.
    We were supporting the Mayoral campaigns of Art Garfunkel (Norwalk), Dan Drew (Middletown), and Tim O'Brien (New Britain), all of whom have been cross-endorsed by the CT Working Families Party.

    "Working Families Party is an independent party that stands up for hard working every day families across Connecticut — not the Wall Street banks, the lobbyists and the CEOs."

    Donate here to the CT Working Families Party.

    And if you live in Norwalk, Middletown, New Britain (or Milford) -
    Vote Row "A" on November 8th
    to turn your town Blue!

    18 October 2011

    Political Nostalgia

    Rather than being "turned on" by the television coverage of Lady Gaga's derivative and uninspiring birthday performance for former President Clinton...here's a better option:

    President Bill George Clinton

    14 October 2011

    Tree-Climbing Robot Designed by Teenager

    Too Cool for School
    h/t DesignNews - Gadget Freak
    Direct Link to design info and video by TechnoChicken here.

    Someone tell the kid to keep his hands off the robot!