20 December 2011

You don't need an iPad this week

Sorry, I don't have time to fix the sizing on this.
The solar cooker is a joy for us. When I went in search of wood for cooking to feed my family I encountered violent problems. But now this is avoided. Since receiving my cooker I am very happy and my conscience is not troubled. My family is better. I say a thousand times thank you to the person who gave me my solar cooker. May God Almighty help people of goodwill go forward. All of the women from Farchana refugee camp are grateful.

Dear Tessa,

I felt immense pride when I received this message from Aziza, a Darfuri refugee living in the Farchana camp in Chad. I hope you feel the impact of your contribution. Together, we have reached over 16,000 families in four refugee camps and we are truly improving lives. There are thousands more women and girls like Aziza who are in desperate need of solar cookers. You can help.

please join us in providing solar cookers to all the families in the Farchana camp and move us closer to reaching our goal — solar cooking in all 12 Darfuri refugee camps.

With great appreciation,
Rachel Andres
Director, Solar Cooker Project
Jewish World Watch

The Solar Cooker Project of Jewish World Watch is committed to protecting refugee women and girls from rape and other forms of violence. Women and girls who have fled the genocide in Darfur, Sudan are particularly vulnerable... Learn more
Jewish World Watch is a hands-on leader in the fight against genocide and mass atrocities, engaging individuals and communities to take action locally to produce powerful results globally. www.jww.org

What is meant here is that when women go to find wood to make cooking fires they are usually raped.
Stop Rape. Donate Now.

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