06 February 2012

Carbon Nation: Free Movie on Saturday 2/11/12

The Blurb: 
carbon nation is a documentary movie about climate change SOLUTIONS. Even if you doubt the severity of the impact of climate change or just don't buy it at all, this is still a compelling and relevant film that illustrates how SOLUTIONS to climate change also address other social, economic and national security issues. 

Where & When to See Carbon Nation:

Milford Library 57 New Haven Avenue
Milford CT 06460

 Feb. 11

Q&A Follows, led by Mike Ludwig

Mike Ludwig is...
[...] retired from NOAA/NMFS and joined Ocean and Coastal Consultants as their Manager of Regulatory Affairs in 2006. In both careers, Mike’s principal responsibilities have been related to evaluating and designing environmentally compatible development of coastal and Exclusive Economic Zone locations in Waters of the United States. He continues to be involved in the development of alternative energy and aquaculture systems along with Port and Harbor improvements. His education includes degrees in Zoology and Marine Geology, Marine Science focusing on predator- prey relationships and Physical Oceanography.
Mike provides national and international resource management guidance on issues such as global climate change, subaqueous utility installations, water quality and habitat enhancement as well as dredging. Specific activities include the impact of global climate change, dredged material management, use of explosives in aquatic settings, habitat enhancement, shellfish stock restoration, the evaluation and identification of managed fishery species essential habitat needs, endangered species management and the assessment of Navigation improvement projects for liquid and bulk cargoes.
Mr. Ludwig has written extensively on climate change and aquatic impacts. His work has appeared in both national and international publications. His most recent paper in the US is an assessment of port development, habitat creation, and impact management options protective of aquatic resources. He writes a column on international environmental issues for the Sherkin Comment, published by the Sherkin Island Marine Station in County Cork, Ireland.

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