29 April 2012

Unite Women CT Rally: My Speech

My name is Tessa Marquis.
I am a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut’s Political Action Committee. 
I have a small collection of words that I would like to say here today.

Whatever you may hear, There is a War on Women

We cannot take for granted our painfully slow movement towards freedom. 
  • the end of child labor,
  • the benefits of social services for the elderly and the young,
  •  the availability of quality, affordable education for all who seek it,
  • the ability to decide when and if we will be pregnant
We absolutely must be vigilant. We cannot lose even one Right or we may lose them All. 

For me, contraception, the right to a safe and legal abortion, and the right to work are fundamental to removing women from the unpaid and under-respected servitude of the home. 

Being out of the home is no bed of roses, since there is still no guarantee of equal pay for equal work.   Lilly Ledbetter and other women like her – and you – and me - would not be cheated out of their proper income, and the social security and retirement benefits that are based on those earnings.—if we had equal pay.
Being in the home is still disrespected, in truth because it is unpaid!
If there were equal pay for equal work then other women besides Ann Romney would be compensated for their labor, through a steady financial security until death. All of the children would be well-fed, well-dressed and healthy: Protected through the unbreakable contract of financial reimbursement for work. 

As long as “being a stay-at-home Mom” (or aunt or grandmother) is work for no pay, it is just another form of slavery.

If women were paid for homecare and scullery work the entire cost of living would be subject to an incredible readjustment of our economy. Cinderella would be able to afford to go to the Ball all on her own.

When someone says Women should have a choice whether to be a “stay at home mom” or “work outside of the home” – the operative word is Choice.

Do not relinquish your Right to Your Own Choices

Trust Yourself              Trust your Guts        Make your own Choices!

Use your Voice     Your computers   Your Votes and Your Power to enforce what you truly believe: 

The Right to Live and Love and Work and Help others.
Don’t let the Bastards Grind you Down!!!!!!!!

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Tracy Mercier said...

I am sorry that I missed this event and the opportunity to hear you speak. I am in total agreement with you. Those who say it is not a war on women (and children) are men who seek to not keep the status quo, but eliminate it all together.