29 November 2012

Congratulations to the CT 2012 Legislature and the Governor

Abolishing the Death Penalty

Today (actually, tonight in Italy) was "the official inauguration of the International Day of Cities for Life, started ten years ago in Rome with the Community of Sant’Egidio and supported by the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty. Special illumination of the Colosseum, “Testimonial for Life”, this year celebrates the abolition of the death penalty in Connecticut: the fifth American state to abolish capital punishment in the United States in the past five years (2007 New Jersey/2008 New Mexico/2010 New York/2011 Illinois/2012 Connecticut)."

Just watched the live streaming of the event. Very moving.

"The event in front of the Colosseum inaugurated the World Day of Cities against the Death Penalty, will be hosted by Max Giusti. Gospel music and readings of Dostoyevsky and Victor Hugo by Gigi Proietti against a singular background will turn Rome into the capital of the battle for life toward abolition of the death penalty, while at the U.N. in New York the final approval of the resolution for a universal moratorium continues. "

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