15 January 2013

Debt: The Final Frontier

As Libby Glucksman says: 
                   "If it's Due when it is Due...What are you gonna Do?"
There is a crushing force gathering behind us, the threat of having no money and no way to make money.

We see our neighbors (and ourselves, in many cases) broke.

But let's not be broken.

  • Read the cartoons in the New Yorker, or do crossword puzzles, or play solitaire on your computer.
  • Write a variety of important and unimportant posts on facebook, if you feel so inclined. 
  • Take a drive with a friend on Not-A-Highway.
  • Cook a meal for a neighbor.
  • Hug a kid you know well enough to hug.
  • Ditto Dog.
  • Treat yourself to an expensive fresh baked goodie. I recommend Scratch Baking in Milford.
Peace out.

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