03 March 2013

Return to Work at West River Healthcare

I've been around awhile. I have participated in many events, including

  • a Be-In,
  • a Sit-In,
  • a Walk-Out (racist depictions in murals at George Washington High School, San Francisco, CA),
but never before have I had the good fortune to attend a Walk-In!

Unlike when a soul attaches itself  to a human host or quickie clinic visit for a splinter removal -  a Walk-In is a supportive action when those on strike are able to return to work.

As a few snowflakes fell, and a small crowd clutched take-out coffee cups, at 6:45 am on Sunday March 3, 2013, the proud workers of SEIU 1199 returned to work at West River Healthcare after a long and difficult strike.

It has been a hard time, even with all the court rulings against bad management and in favor of the employees rights to a fair contract. Off and on since December of 2011 the workers have been suffering, walking a line, camping out and rallying, and all along I kept hearing about their overarching concern for their patients. You can't fake that. It is the Care part of Healthcare.

Today there are three shifts returning to work.

Next two Walk-Ins are at 2:30 - 3pm today and then again at 10:30 - 11pm tonight.
See you there!

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