25 February 2014

SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

A very Very long email From the Connecticut Democratic Party...Which is actually about an important subject FOOD FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT.

I hope the length and wordiness is not a turnoff on this important information. If so, just cruise to the end and click on the link.

Our Congressional delegation in Washington D.C. has taken a stand against the latest cuts to SNAP in the most recent Farm Bill. And this week, Governor Dan Malloy took immediate action to prevent Connecticut residents from losing their SNAP benefits as a result of the latest round of cuts.



SNAP was established as an assistance program for low-income families to ensure they could put food on their tables. As Democrats, we believe it is the duty of a good government to help those who need help in critical areas such as buying groceries.

Republicans in Congress, meanwhile, have referred to SNAP as another entitlement that promotes government dependency. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan in particular referred to SNAP as “a hammock that lulls able-bodied adults to a life of dependence and complacency.” This is not true.


To prevent an estimated 50,000 low-income households in Connecticut from losing their SNAP benefits, Governor Malloy directed his Administration to meet the new standards of the 2014 Farm Bill. By dedicating additional energy assistance dollars to eligible SNAP recipients, this will prevent an estimated average of $112 in monthly benefits from being slashed from families in need. Additionally, the Governor’s directive will preserve approximately $66.6 million annually in SNAP benefits for households in Connecticut.

Governor Malloy:

“Connecticut, for one, will not stand by while our low-income families and elders are put at risk by Washington politics. I have directed my Administration to take all necessary measures to protect Connecticut beneficiaries of the federal SNAP program from the negative consequences of the Farm Bill.” 

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman:

“Our decisive action means that Connecticut residents will be held harmless from the worst type of cuts at the worst possible time in one of the most critical of national safety-net programs.”


For the second time in less than three months, SNAP benefits have been cut. Last fall, $5 billion was cut from SNAP, costing roughly $17 to $36 a month in food assistance for Connecticut families. This is after Republicans initially proposed a $40 billion cut to the SNAP program. 

In the latest Farm bill reauthorization, a total of $8.7 billion in additional cuts to SNAP will take place over the next ten years. On the whole, this may cost families who rely on SNAP assistance $90 a month, or the equivalent of 34 meals. Nationwide, 850,000 households will receive less SNAP aid, while it is estimated approximately 65,000 Connecticut residents will receive less aid.

The Facts:
  • In 2010, this program lifted nearly 5.2 million Americans over the poverty line. This included 2.2 million children.
  • Nearly 47 million Americans across the country depend upon food stamp assistance to feed their families. Among this group are low-income families, disabled individuals, veterans and senior citizens.
  • Food stamps only provide roughly $4.50 a day in assistance to recipients.
  • SNAP boasts one of the lowest error rates of any federal program in the country.
  • Every dollar in SNAP benefits generates $1.79 in economic activity.
  • Denying families SNAP benefits also denies their children free meals at school.
  • On average, half of SNAP recipients are on the program for only ten months or less.
All seven members of our Congressional delegation understand the consequences working families will face with this latest round of draconian cuts to SNAP, and have voted against SNAP cuts in the past.

[Ed: Here are quotes from our 2 Senators and the Congresswoman from the 3rd CD, which includes New Haven County. I have cut out the others.]

Senator Richard Blumenthal:

“We should keep faith with struggling families in America, including more than 400,000 Connecticut residents, by maintaining current levels of SNAP funding, and expanding food assistance in the state and across the country if needed.”

Senator Chris Murphy:

“There is no doubt that Congress needs to reduce spending, but balancing the budget on the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable is foolish and irresponsible.”

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro:

“These cuts are terrible for families on the edge, terrible for our economic recovery, and terrible for the future. Imagine we had a miracle vaccine that made everyone who took it healthier, and encouraged children’s growth and brain development. If such a vaccine existed, wouldn’t we try to vaccinate every child in America? We do have that vaccine and it is called food.” 

If you stand with President Barack Obama, Governor Malloy, Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, Congressman Larson, Congressman Courtney, Congresswoman DeLauro, Congressman Himes, Congresswoman Esty and other Democratic leaders, add your name to our petition: CLICK HERE TO STAND WITH DEMOCRATS AND PRESERVING SNAP.

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