24 July 2014

How Voting Works. A great explanation.

Just received this email from Marilyn MacKay in North Stonington. Her situation doesn't apply to where I vote but it is interesting and detailed.

To:  NS Democratic Party/Unaffiliated Registered Voters & Non-Registered Voters       
 On June 7, 2005 I was sworn in as a North Stonington's Registrar of Voters and have served our community ever since.  Despite having severed my party affiliation this year - am now an unaffiliated voter - North Stonington's Democratic Party endorsed my candidacy.

Now, because of a Primary challenge to be held on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, I need the votes of a majority of voting NS Democrats to retain this position.  If you are an unaffiliated NS registered voter, you can become a Democrat until Monday, August 11th to vote in this Primary.  Non-registered voters can register to vote by mail until receipt date August 7th and in-person until noon on August 11th.

Unfortunately, most people do not vote in primaries.  

If I have served you well over the past 9 years, please do take the time to vote between 6 AM & 8 PM.  If you are unable to so do, requests for absentee ballots are at http://www.ct.gov/sots/LIB/sots/ElectionServices/ElectForms/electforms/aabeng.pdf or are available from Norma Holliday, our Town Clerk, at New Town Hall.  

You may wonder why I became an unaffiliated voter.

Effective July 1, 2014 I was elected president of The League of Women Voters of Southeastern Connecticut, a non-partisan political organization.  In order to hold this position one cannot publicly be affiliated with any political party.  That is why I am now an unaffiliated candidate for Registrar of Voters.  

Connecticut's Secretary of the State requires all Registrars to be non-partisan and unbiased in the performance of their duties.   I am grateful to our local Democratic Party for continuing to support me.

Thank you for your time and - hopefully - your vote on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.
Marilyn Mackay, Registrar of Voters

Civic Background
Currently - North Stonington, CT
Elected Registrar of Voters since 2005
Elected Member, Economic Development Commission
Secretary, NS Business Association
Founder & Coordinator, NS Bulletin Board Website
President, League of Women Voters of SECT

Founder & President, NS Business Association
Appointed: Secretary, Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
Member, Agricultural Committee
Chair, NS Democratic Town Committee
Host, SECT Democracy for America

1999-2004East Hampton, NY
Chairperson, Citizens for Balanced Justice, East Hampton, NY, LTV Show
Producer/Director/Writer, LWV of the Hamptons Public Access TV Program                                     
Board Member, League of Women Voters of the Hamptons
Host, Dean for America presidential campaign
Poll Worker

1997-1999Rock Hill, NY
WJFF Public Radio Volunteer, Jeffersonville, NY
Fund-Raising, Editor, Bi-monthly Newsletter, On-air

1960-1998U.S. Virgin Islands
Organizer & 1st President of the Virgin Islands League of Women Voters
Board member, St. Thomas-St. John Hotel Association
Board member, St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce
Board member, American Sightseeing International

Educational Background
Bernard Baruch School of Business, CCNY, Major:  Advertising-Public Relations

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