18 September 2014

Good Guys PAC Endorsements re Gun Safety

For Immediate Release
September 18, 2014
Contact: Ron Pinciaro

Trumbull CT - CT Voters for Gun Safety, a statewide Independent Expenditure Only Political Action Committee organized to help elect candidates who support strong Connecticut gun laws, has finalized its endorsements for the November 4 statewide and General Assembly elections. CT Voters for Gun Safety has received enthusiastic support from leaders of the gun safety and violence prevention partners in our state. We are pleased to be joined in making these endorsements by a coalition of state groups including the CT Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The Enough Campaign, The Greenwich Council Against Gun Violence, March For Change, Newtown Action Alliance, The Northwest Corner Committee for Gun Violence Prevention, and Women on Watch.

This coalition of gun violence prevention groups is also pleased to announce that they are joined by the Washington, DC-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence for these endorsements.

CT Voters For Gun Safety is proud to announce its endorsement of Governor Dannel P. Malloy in his race for a second term as Governor of Connecticut. His leadership and courage following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and his determination to establish strong gun violence prevention measures in its aftermath, were exemplary.
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For Connecticut Constitutional offices, we endorse the following candidates: 
Governor:               Dannel P. Malloy (D)
Lt. Governor:         Nancy Wyman (D)
Attorney General:  George Jepsen (D)
Secretary of State:  Denise Merrill (D)
State Comptroller:  Kevin Lembo (D)
State Treasurer:      Denise Nappier (D)

For the Connecticut General Assembly, we endorse the following candidates:
State Senate                                                                  
S-2:           Eric D. Coleman (D)
S-5:           Beth Bye (D)
S-8:           Melissa E. Osborne (D)
S-12:         Ted Kennedy Jr. (D)
S-13:         Dante Bartolomeo (D)
S-15:         Joan V. Hartley (D)
S-17:         Joe Crisco (D)
S-20:         Betsy Ritter (D)
S-22:         Marilyn Moore (D)
S-25:         Bob Duff (D)
S-26:         Toni Boucher (R)
S-29:         Mae Flexer (D)
S-31:         Robert Michalik (D)
S-33:         Emily Bjornberg (D)
State Representative
H-1:          Matthew D. Ritter (D)                                Hartford
H-2:          Candace Faye (D)                                       Danbury
H–12:        Kelly J.S. Luxenberg (D)                            Manchester
H-15:        David A. Baram (D)                                   Bloomfield
H-16:        John K. Hampton (D)                                 Simsbury
H-21:        Mike Demicco (D)                                      Farmington
H-22:        Elizabeth "Betty" A. Boukus (D)               Plainville
H-23:        Mary J. Stone (D)                                       Lyme
H-26:        Peter A. Tercyak (D)                                   New Britain
H-35:        Tom Vicino (D)                                           Westbrook
H-36:        Philip J. Miller (D)                                      Haddam
H-38:        Marc A. Balestracci (D)                              Waterford
H-40:        Edward E. Moukawsher (D)                      Groton
H-41:        Elissa T. Wright (D)                                    Groton
H-47:        Brian H. Sear (D)                                        Canterbury
H-54:        Gregory S. Haddad (D)                              Storrs
H–55:        Joseph A. LaBella (D)                                Bolton
H-59:        David William Kiner (D)                            Enfield
H-64:        Roberta B. Willis (D)                                  Lakeville
H-65:        Michelle L. Cook (D)                                  Torrington
H-72:        Larry B. Butler (D)                                     Watertown
H-85:        Mary M. Mushinsky (D)                             Wallingford
H-88:        Brendan Sharkey (D)                                  Hamden
H-89:        Vickie Orsini Nardello (D)                         Prospect
H-90:        Mary G. Fritz (D)                                        Yalesville
H-97:        Robert W. Megna (D)                                 New Haven
H–98:        Sean Scanlon (D)                                        Guilford
H-99:        James M. Albis (D)                                     East Haddam
H-103:      Kristen Selleck (D)                                     Cheshire
H–110:      Bob Godfrey (D)                                        Danbury
H-111:      John H. Frey (R)                                         Ridgefield
H-114:      Themis Klarides (R)                                    Woodbridge
H-119:      James J. Maroney (D)                                 Milford
H-123:      Douglas G. Sutherland (D)                         Trumbull
H-125:      Tom P. O'Dea Jr. (R)                                  New Canaan
H-132:      Brenda L. Kupchick (R)                             Fairfield
H–133:      Cristin McCarthy Vahey (D)                      Fairfield
H-134:      Tara Cook-Littman (D)                               Fairfield
H-136:      Jonathan P. Steinberg (D)                           Westport
H-138:      Henry H. Hall ( D)                                      Danbury
H-144:      Caroline B. Simmons (D)                            Stamford
H-147:      William M. Tong (D):                                 Stamford


CT Voters for Gun Safety Political Action Committee (CVGS PAC) is a nonpartisan
political action committee committed to supporting candidates for
Connecticut state office who support strong gun safety laws.

Paid for by CT Voters for Gun Safety

Top 5 Donor:  CT Against Gun Violence

This message was made independent of any candidate
or political party. Additional information about CVGS may be found at

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