04 June 2012

Hey Golfers!

MILFORD, CT (June 4, 2012)- Who’s Your Caddy, a free, cutting edge golf mobile application, has now registered one million page views of their app since its launch only two months ago.

The app, which launched in early April, is changing the way golfers, golf courses, and advertisers view mobile apps.  Not just another golf app, this mobile app is the first of its kind.  A win-win-win for all parties involved: golfers, golf courses, and advertisers. 

“Reaching the one million page view mark within two months of launching truly is thrilling,” said President Suzanne Cahill-Manning.  “We knew this product would be received well out in the market.  It’s been exciting to see how quickly the app is creating a buzz.”

Three key features set this product apart from other golf apps. First, Who’s Your Caddy is a FREE mobile app for both the golfer and the golf courses.

“Some golf apps charge the course for GPS Mapping. With Who’s Your Caddy, not only does the course not pay a cent for the app, we actually provide an income source with our revenue share program. We create partnerships with golf courses and users, no other golf app can say that,” said Scott Standerfer, Director of Data and Course Management of the parent company of Who’s Your Caddy, Red Mat Media.
Secondly, Who’s Your Caddy serves up “Gimmes” to its golfers. Gimmes are free gifts from businesses in the golfer’s neighborhood, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant. Golfers will be alerted of their free Gimme via a text while they are using their the WYC app during their round.

“The Gimmes really separate Who’s Your Caddy from our competition,” said CEO Timothy Lyon. “It is a win-win-win program. Our advertisers gain exposure and direct access to potential new customers. The golf courses offer a benefit to their players, and receive a portion of advertising revenues. And of course, the golfers win with the Gimmes while using the very best golf app on the market. And it is all free.”

Third, the Caddy Tips feature allows courses to provide details of each hole on the course through videos from the club professional. He will offer tips on how to play each hole during a short video, just as if a caddy were standing by the player’s side pointing out the different strategies of the hole. 

Who’s Your Caddy also provides all the cutting-edge benefits expected from golf mobile apps, including GPS yardage capabilities – all at NO CHARGE.

Who’s Your Caddy, created by parent company Red Mat Media, is available on iTunes, and will be available for Androids very soon.

To see a brief overview highlighting the unique features of Who’s Your Caddy, simply click here to watch this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6_5p5hgLu4&feature=youtube.

Golf’s most complete mobile app is FREE to the courses and the players. Golfers earn Gimmes – free gifts from neighborhood businesses - by simply using Who’s Your Caddy app. Participating courses earn revenue through Who’s Your Caddy’s unique advertising program, and all they have to do is make their players aware of the app. Caddy-like advice is provided for each hole via a short video in which the golf professional explains how to play the hole. And all the other cutting edge tools expected from golf mobile apps are offered on the Who’s Your Caddy app.
Disclosure: I am a fan of Suzanne Cahill-Manning, a thriving businesswoman and community service hero in Milford.
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For more information on Who’s Your Caddy or Red Mat Media, visit their websites at www.whosyourcaddy.com or www.redmatmedia.com.


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