03 June 2012

Free Dental Work June 8

Vaughn Family Dentistry is offering free service to anyone who needs dental work at its next Free Dentistry Day, June 8 at the group’s Trumbull office.

In the past five years, Vaughn Family Dentistry, a team of dentists, sponsors and volunteers have helped over 100 people in need of dental work — treating patients in need of fillings, extractions and other basic treatment.

One third of Americans are living without dental insurance and current economic conditions leave little room to afford dental procedures. Without events like Vaughn Family Dentistry’s Free Dentistry Day, dental care simply isn’t an option for many uninsured people.

The event will start at 7 a.m. Dentists and volunteers will treat the first 150 patients by 2 p.m. 

From the Trumbull Times,
 h/t to the socially-conscious and kind-hearted
Jennifer Hochberg

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