08 August 2012

Have you visited A Bookstore Today?

Independent Bookstores were emulated by Barnes & Noble when originally designing their retail outlets as gathering places. Now it's time to go back to the original concept.

Small and Independent Book Shops have knowledgeable owners who share their lifelong love of reading with their customers.
  • They can make recommendations based on your interests, not your age.
  • They actually read a lot of the books they sell.
  • They can search out and order specific books for you.
You used to be able to go into a record store to whistle a few notes and recite a few lines of a song you liked, and the person behind the counter would know the artist and song you wanted.

Real bookstores work the same way. Recite a few lines ('Twas brillig and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe...) and a well-read bookie will find you a copy of Alice in Wonderland; come up with half a name (Evelyn...) and a bookmeister will say "Waugh?" and pull out Brideshead Revisited; or just say SciFi and they will lead you to wonderment from '50s pulp to 21st Century wildness.

Love a Book and Love a Bookstore owner:

CashMob at Collected Stories Bookstore
12 Daniel Street
Milford, CT 06460
at Noon on Saturday August 11th 

Q: What's a CashMob?
A: Everyone descends on a store at the same time, with $20 cash (or more) in support of a local small business. It keeps your income circulating in the community and makes the whole world better.

Tune in tomorrow for information on Given To Gauche, the other store that is part of our CashMob.

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