11 June 2013

Gary Holder-Winfield & Clean Elections

Below is a press release I just received.

I have "bolded/red-ed" the last line because it is important to my own beliefs.

You are of course entitled to your own beliefs about entitlement and corruption in the political process./snark

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Democracy Matters invites Holder-Winfield
to Lead Final Push for Clean Elections in NY
Following on his own national work fighting for clean election laws, Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield has been invited by Democracy Matters to lead their final push to pass clean election reforms through the New York state legislature. Democracy Matters is a national public advocacy group devoted to clean election and campaign finance reform. Gary Holder-Winfield was the keynote speaker at their 2011 national student summit and has worked with them in the past, in addition to his testimony in 2009 to save Connecticut's clean elections fund, which you can read about here. Gary has also been a strong supporter of clean elections research, working with Yale political scientists to study the effects of Citizens United on voter behavior.

On Tuesday, Gary will be traveling to Albany to continue his work with Democracy Matters and other activists. He will spend the day meeting with key state Senators to push for the passage of a public financing system for New York similar to public financing systems established in Connecticut. The bill has already passed the NY House, but needs to pass the NY Senate before their session ends on June 20. Known not only for his national advocacy for clean elections but also for his effectiveness in passing legislation in legislative 'crunch-time', Gary has been brought in to push for the bill's passage in time for Cuomo to sign it into law.

“I believe in campaign finance laws establishing systems of ‘clean elections’ because they allow not only for the voices of normal people to have an effect in politics but affords those individuals the opportunity to run where special interest money usually dominates,” says Gary. “I've been championing clean elections for many years because I know the dangers of money in politics. Money, not ideas becomes the driving force in our politics.”
 Gary has seen the other end of money in politics having endured issues with a campaign treasurer in the past accused of taking money from his campaign. Holder-Winfield worked with authorities to deal with those issues head on. “The other thing important about a well designed system is that where there are issues they can be seen quickly and we can ensure that the public's trust is maintained,” Holder-Winfield recently asserted “and that is part of why I advocate for a system that is open, transparent and public. It is the basis for why we've signed the Clean Primary Pledge, which commits us to the Democracy Fund 100%, not just when it's convenient. The rules exist to allow the people a voice, that is not something you work around. The people of New Haven deserve someone who respects them and can stand by their principles.”

“I'm running to be a new kind of mayor, that's why we're running a new kind of campaign.”
Now that seven candidates have entered the field, Gary Holder-Winfield is still the only candidate to have signed the Clean Primary Pledge.

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