11 June 2014

UAW - Cool Union - Makes a Grand Endorsement

United Auto Workers Endorse Governor Dan Malloy
& Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman for Re-Election

Farmington, CT – Today, United Auto Workers (UAW Region 9A) announced its endorsement of Governor Dan Malloy and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman for re-election.

“Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman are fighting to protect the rights of  union members by respecting the collective bargaining process and advancing all workers’ rights by passing legislation like paid sick leave. Since becoming Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman have been responsive to the needs of our members and working people across the state,” said Region 9A Director Julie Kushner. "They are the clear choice this election year and are the progressive advocates that Connecticut’s workers and middle class families need.”

UAW is a progressive union whose commitment to social justice is unprecedented and dates back to the Civil Rights movement. The UAW endorses candidates for public office who have a proven track record of improving the lives of working families, fighting for the right to collective bargaining without retaliation or interference, and advocating for health care and good jobs for everyone.

“We need a governor who will continue to stand up for working class families – that’s Dan Malloy. I have seen my friends, neighbors and colleagues suffer when factories have closed in the past, but Dan Malloy has worked to make sure that Connecticut is growing jobs,” said Shawn Tripp, President of UAW Local 405, whose members work at Triumph in West Hartford. “I’m proud that Connecticut is leading the nation when it comes to progressive issues like raising the minimum wage to $10.10 and making sure everyone has access to affordable health insurance. Governors like Wisconsin's Scott Walker have attacked union workers like me, so I truly appreciate having a governor like Dan Malloy who respects me and my efforts to build a better life.”

UAW Region 9A has approximately 9,200 active and retired members in Connecticut. In addition to manufacturing, UAW members work in technical and office professional positions, higher education, gaming and legal services.

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