06 June 2011

Monday = Money

Monday with a Twist
Why oh Why do I answer the phone?
A quiet Sunday afternoon at my office, trying to catch up on work, writing a press release and cleaning up my databases, when I get a call from Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. He is a candidate for Congress, you know. 
(For those of you less into politics, here’s the deal:
Chris Murphy is one of our Connecticut Congresspeople, representing us in Washington DC.
He and Rosa DeLauro and Jim Himes and Joe Courtney and John Larson are our CT Delegation.
Chris Murphy is running for Senator next year, leaving the Congressional seat open.
Chris Donovan will run for Chris Murphy’s seat. )

Here is what you need to have to run for any office not covered by the Citizens Election Program:
M - O - N - E - Y
And you need to have it by “The End of The Quarter”
                                                 – In the case of this particular time:
June 30th

So let’s not kid ourselves, Chris Donovan and I know each other, sure, and we have similar values, and it was under his watch this session that the House passed several bills dear to my heart, but he didn’t call me to chit-chat. He called for money.

I will be really embarrassed if we can’t raise this money for him.

About $100 from each of the people I send this to would be really great.
I think Donovan might settle for $50 from each of us.

Here is how you donate to MyGoodCloseDearFriend Chris Donovan:
Checks can be made out to: "Donovan for Congress" and mailed to: PO Box 723 Meriden, CT 06450
Or, you can give online here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/entity/27148

If you don’t want to put all your nest eggs in one candidate’s basket, let it be known that the following people also need some moolah by June 30th:
Ben Blake – Candidate for Mayor of Milford http://bit.ly/mF6yk1
Chris Murphy – Candidate for Senator http://bit.ly/gT1G8q

Yes "Monday with a Twist" is spelled "Money"

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