21 June 2011

[UPDATED] TONIGHT Fun (Free) Ticket - WED 6/22

Suzanne Manning will launch her campaign  for Milford's City Clerk at 6 pm [Wednesday] on the steps of Parsons Center (70 West River St). All are invited to hear Mike Brown's "mix tape", hear some fast-paced speeches, and do a little dancing in the street.

Then we will all hop skip and a-jump over to the newly remodeled Citrus Restaurant (56 South Broad Street) at 6:30 pm for a free fundraiser. By which I mean there is no charge to attend but it would be swell if people decided to contribute to Suzanne's campaign!

Kids are welcome. All locations are Handicapped Accessible. Plenty of parking. What more could you ask for?

Reminder from a previous post:
[Suzanne Manning is] The popular publisher of Milford Living Magazine, a former member of the Board of Aldermen, member of the United Way Board of Directors as well as the Get In Touch Foundation, Manning is a favorite of Democrats and Republicans alike in the city.


Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

Tomorrow night = Wed?

Tessa Marquis said...

Yes Sir. (Updated the post)

Thanks for that...I was posting before heading to Hartford this morning, since you aren't really supposed to blog while driving.

Definitely need to up my caffeine intake.