14 June 2011

Republican Presidential Debate New Hampshire 6-13-11

#ThisOrThat tweets you may have missed:
  • Tiffany's or having your own diamond mine?
  • Haldol or Thorazine?
  • Never smell again or have to walk backwards when the sun goes down?
  • East Coast or West Coast? / Biggie or 2pac? 
  • Ask Newt Gingrich: Wife #1 or Wife #2?
  • During the zombie apocalypse, do you go with the CDC guide, or a sawed-off shotgun?
  • New moderator for #CNNdebate: Snookie or a 5th grader?
    • I dont think Ron #Paul knows what either a BlackBerry or iPhone is. A better question would have been 8 track or vinyl?

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    notAndyBorowitz said...

    Andy Borowitz
    The consensus is that the big winners of Monday's GOP debate were the people who didn't watch.