19 March 2012

Important! "Education, Jobs, and Minimum Wage" - Black CT rePost

Black Connecticut Weekly Information
March 19, 2012

Education, Jobs and Minimum Wage

Last Wednesday, I was at the State Capitol celebrating Women’s Day at the Capitol hosted by the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.  That day, there were many top focus events happening including an education rally and hearings on the death penalty.  Unfortunately, for some reason the legislators are under the impression that the death penalty is the top focus agenda item this legislative session for the minority community.  While the death penalty is important, education jobs, and raising the minimum wage are far more important to everyone in “OUR Community”.

The legislators need to know that the true ranking of top focus items for the minority and female citizens of CT and they are:
1.       Education
2.       Jobs
3.       Increasing Minimum Wage
4.       Health Care
5.       Domestic Violence
6.       Daycare
7.       Fair Housing
8.       Fair Pay
9.       Elder Care

Somewhere well after the items listed is the repeal of the death penalty.   This was easily proven by the number of people of color attending events at the LOB last week.   Far more people of color participated and attended other events vs. the death penalty hearings.  If the legislators are truly representing the people, especially “OUR Community” they will place more time and resources into bills that will positively impact more people color.   It is imperative that the legislators begin to focus on issues that truly impact “OUR Community”. 

If it is possible that they do not know or have forgotten, let’s remind they that is EDUCATION, JOBS and raising the MINIMUM WAGE.   While the repeal of the death penalty is a major focus for minorities in other states; especially those in the South, it is not a top issue for us in CT.  While the repeal of the death penalty helps a few in CT, the real impact is providing a foundation for securing the repeal of the death penalty in the southern states.  While it is the right thing to do, it is far more important that focus is given to Education, Employment and Small Businesses.

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