29 March 2012

Save The Date-April 28: CT Women

Not "Girls Gone Wild", this is a Rally to push back against the War on Women.

Women's rights are under attack, women and girls are treated as chattel and a negotiating tool in political discourse. The escalation of anti-female rhetoric and the very notion that there is an argument over bills to address violence against women cannot go unaddressed.

Men, please join the Women, Girls, Trans, and non-Gender-Binary people who will meet in Hartford at Bushnell Park on April 28th. The language and disdainful attitude of certain people in our society is not representative of how the majority of loving male friends, sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, partners, and co-workers view women.

This will be a fun and kindly show of solidarity for women, girls, and the men who know better. With a healthy dose of music, pamphlet distribution, buttons-stickers-Tshirts-and-Hoodies, conversation, voter registration, and whatever else may ensue.

Come join this non-Violent Fight against the "War on Women". 
Please register online for updates or to volunteer your talents: Click Here

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