07 March 2012

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Day in Milford

Mayor Blake Announces Restoration of Local Oversight
Illegible Press Release, copied in full.

Milford, CT, March 7, 2012: Milford Mayor Ben Blake today announced that Governor Malloy has signed into law Bill 5302, An Act Concerning Municipalities and Solid Waste, which restores local control over projects that could threaten the environment, health and welfare of our neighborhoods and our citizens.

"This legislation restores Milford's ability to directly protect our way of life and our neighborhoods where our families live and their children play," Blake said. It allows us, at the local level, to push back to protect our communities when business concerns want to run hundreds of trucks with deafening noise and lung choking exhaust, carrying tons of garbage and debris through Milford's neighborhoods."

Blake thanked the leadership of the General Assembly as well as Milford's State selegation, State Senator Gayle Slossberg and State Representatives Paul Davis, Richard Roy and Kim Rose for their tireless work drafting and guiding this legislation through the House and the Senate.

Blake extended a special thanks to Governor Malloy for his personal involvement in getting this legislation passed and signing it into law yesterday. "Governor Malloy is a true friend to Milford. He took a special interest in our situation and worked closely with me and our state delegation to ensure that local concerns could once again be dealt with locally."

Blake announced that tomorrow, March 8th, would officially be "Governor Dannel P. Malloy Day" in Milford, Connecticut. Blake said the designation was in special recognition of the Governor's personal help and hard work by ensuring that Milford, as well as all municipalities in Connecticut, have the means by which to protect their neighborhoods, families and way of life.

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