09 July 2012

Dirty Tricks in Connecticut Elections?

While walking door-to-door in Stratford this weekend I got some partial news.

A gentleman (that means he was over 80) told me that he had received a mailing piece about the
 "2 million Mexicans who will get a raise in their Social Security payments while we won't"
Okay, where to start?

At first I was inclined to back away - slowly, down the steps to the sweltering street. Away. Away. But then I became both curious and angry. The gent couldn't find the mailing piece but his daughter appeared from the laundry room and confirmed the flyer existed and said what he claimed it said.

Further discussion revealed that the piece came from an organization, not a candidate or political party.
This is a 100% Democratic household. The issue to me is who sent it and why.

Seems like this is intended to alienate (sorry) and suppress the vote. So, does anyone have any info on this matter?

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