16 July 2012

Electoral Bandwagon

There is an interesting thread of commonality occurring in the Chris Donovan campaign.

Traditionally, in the closing weeks prior to an election, you see a hunkering down. People prepare for all inevitabilities, although you (superstitiously) don't discuss it.
You say "When we win..."
Never "If we win..."
and there is an understanding that the careers of those in the campaign are on hold. No resumes go out and none come in. 

You wait, and breathe without noise.

The intriguing shift in the Congressional campaign of Chris Donovan seems to be an influx of people.

People from other states, even from across the country, heading into Connecticut to help during these final days and prep for the general election.
Photo of Cute Kid - not attributable

There are new members in the Chris Donovan for Congress campaign, true believers moving to Connecticut.

Bribed by Ice Cream. Photo from the Avon Patch.

And I don't mean the per diem hires of Dan Roberti   

Oh Wait...That is Etsy Headquarters...

nor the unemployed students with free time helping out at Esty Headquarters     >

It turns out there are people driving their families and possessions into Connecticut like a reverse dust bowl migration. 
Nobody does that on a whim. Nobody does that on a dream. They do that because they heard of a promised land. 

They join in a movement they believe will win and go on to win more and win for the entire state of Connecticut.  
They are joining up so they can be on the team of a Progressive, Modern, Honest, Funny (very funny, actually), Hard Working champion of working people and the poor.

This is not your normal campaign. This is Your campaign.

Hop on the Fairness Dignity and Respect Bandwagon?
Yessirree. Count me IN!
Clip = CT Resident Nile Rogers and the fabulous Nick Lowe.

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