25 July 2012

Is EMILYs List the new Komen Foundation?

The Visible Woman - has nothing to hide.
Call EMILYs List (202-326-1400) and tell them that they would have been better off not endorsing a candidate in Connecticut, rather than supporting lesser candidates.

Explain that Elizabeth Esty, their candidate in the 5th Congressional District, voted against Paid Sick Leave, a bill that had a major effect on women and families. Her leading opponent, Chris Donovan, Speaker of the House, endorsed by the Democratic Party, has a much longer and more solid record of votes and leadership for issues related to women, girls, and children.

As for the EMILYs List endorsement of Susan Bysiewicz over Chris Murphy for US Senate...   This is simply bone-headed.
They plan to start their postal attacks tomorrow.
Give EMILYs List no more donations until they get it together, or their support of pro-choice female candidates will be so tainted that it becomes meaningless.

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