06 August 2013

Recycling Makes Money!

How do you feel about good news? 
Recycling Contract Means New Green Revenue for the City

CRRA to Accept Books, Large Rigid Plastics for Recycling

The Million Residents of CRRA Recycling Towns Can Keep Phone Books, Buckets, Baskets, Bins and Many Other Items out of Trash

The Mayor [Ben Blake] called upon all Milford residents to join his challenge and boost their recycling efforts. 

“By recycling more, we not only support the environment but we also generate new revenue for the City and keep taxes low,” Blake said. “This is truly a win-win.”

Effective immediately, CRRA’s state-of-the-art single-stream recycling facility will accept a number of additional items including
  •  large toys,
  •  beverage crates,
  •  laundry baskets,
  •  recycling bins,
  •  telephone directories,
  •  storage containers and
  •  hard-cover books.
Now you can recycle even more items with CRRA!
Any of these items that fit inside the single-stream barrel can be recycled, provided that
  •  all metals such as bucket handles and wheel axles are separated
     from the plastic items;
  •  all items are rinsed and
  •  covers from hard-cover books are removed and placed in the trash.

A complete breakdown of all items residents of participating communities can recycle, along with instruction on preparing those items for recycling, is on CRRA’s website.

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