26 August 2013

Women's Equality Day

Take Note:
Women are NOT equal in law or civil discourse. Women are barely-released indentured servants, slaves, war-brides, underpaid and disrespected teacher/nurse/mothers. Women are elder-care givers, perpetual clerks, mourners of the dead and givers of Life. Women are cultural memory. Women are NOT EQUAL. 

FROM: Teresa Younger
Executive Director, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
DATE: Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 
RE: Women’s Equality Day

“Women’s Equality Day raises so many issues beyond the 19th Amendment – beginning with pay inequity, which hurts women’s long-term economic security, retirement assets, and quality of life. We must also ask the critical question: If women are still battling for their full rights every day – even after 93 years of voting rights – how many more generations of capable women will be routinely eliminated from positions of power, elected office, and the “tables” at which real decisions are made? Why does 51 percent of the population hold just 18 percent of Congress and 4 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions? And why is women’s healthcare – most noticeably reproductive rights – continually under assault, after a century of earning – not “being given” as is often said – working for and earning the right to vote?”

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