04 September 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

What we need to do post-Hurricane, besides clean up. ie Use Your Noodle.

Help others The First Baptist Church in Milford has a Clothes Closet, open every Tuesday, for free clothing exchange. Bring your clean, in-Season, all ages clothing from 10 am to 2pm - 24 North Street. They will also accept some toys and games for kids, and occasionally cooking materials (pots & pans). The important thing is that these goods are offered for free.   Goodwill and Salvation Army sell what you donate.
Be Nicer
   Ask about how others fared, rather than talk about yourself.  Show a little Tenderness.
Be Patient
   Everyone is exhausted.
Look out for the Kids
    Their patterns have been disrupted, and kids need a scheduled security. Ask the people who have been displaced if their kids need to come to your place to study.Look out for the Homeless   As always. Some may have had difficulty getting their medication, so be nice, be patient, be cautious but be as helpful as you can.

We all did good, thanks to the leadership of Governor Malloy and President Obama - who ere pro-active and reasonable prior to and during the Hurricane. If Mayor Bloomberg had not evacuated downtown Manhattan it would have been more difficult to persuade people to evacuate, so thanks to him too.

Lessons Learned
  • Our local information systems failed. The "Reverse 911" phone calls are useless if the phones are out. We would have done better with someone on a horse with a megaphone.  Next time, perhaps.
  • The Library and City buildings should have been open 24/7 for cellphone recharging.
  • The schools should have been open for showers.
  • We desperately need solar power.

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