26 September 2011

Pregnancy and Health - Recent Posts

Pregnancy and Health

Pregnant women who exercise protect their offspring against long-term neurodegenerative diseases

Low-Fat Yogurt Intake When Pregnant Linked to Increased Risk of Child Asthma and Hay Fever

Moms who eat high-fat diet before, during pregnancy 'program' babies to be fat, at risk

Anti-inflammatory drugs taken in early pregnancy more than double risk of miscarriage

Study shows protective benefits of DHA taken during pregnancy

Caffeine consumption linked to female infertility

Asthma Linked to Depression during Pregnancy

Mother’s Salt Intake Could be Key to Prenatal Kidney Development

Pre-pregnancy diet affects the health of future offspring

Exposure to anti-depressants in pregnancy may increase autism risk

Gum disease can increase the time it takes to become pregnant

Giving up smoking averts adverse birth outcomes

Vitamin D supplements safe for healthy pregnant women

Smoking During Pregnancy Lowers Levels of 'Good' HDL Cholesterol in Children

Pregnant women can prevent excess weight gain with simple steps

Maternal Smoking Causes Changes in Fetal DNA

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