13 September 2011

Republican for Rosa Speaks Out

h/t to Edward Anderson.
From the Hartford Courant, a Letter to the Editor published 9/9/11

In Rosa DeLauro's Defense  Chris DePino, East Haven
As the former Connecticut state Republican Party chairman, I am outraged at the response from your paper and the Connecticut Republican Party to congresswoman Rosa DeLauro's efforts to help her district recover from Tropical Storm Irene.

I live on Cosey Beach, the most devastated area of the state, and I have seen firsthand how people are hurting. Many are underinsured and suffering massive property losses and emotional distress.

I applaud U.S. Rep. DeLauro touring our area, and I know that she will do everything she can to help us.

Where she was when the storm stuck is not the issue to any of us who are experiencing the trauma of what this disaster brought to our community. What matters is how to recover from this storm.

Rosa is a friend to people. It is why Republicans like me support her even when they do not always agree with her. She is excellent, not perfect. She is a human being of substance, fairness and immense kindness.

To turn the suffering of our neighbors and community into a manufactured issue for political gain is inappropriate and wrong.

If I were still the chairman of the Connecticut State Republican Party, these kinds of political attacks would never be tolerated. It is a disgrace. Period.


Anonymous said...

What is a disgrace is Rosa who has been against any party but her own for years. All the dummies who continue to vote her in just follow their ethnic background.
Her husband has proven himself to be a far left liberal and a lover of money. What he does with and for the Dems is on the record and he should be ashamed of his lies and dealings.
Sorry Chris you may be a republican and live in The Cosey Beach area but I also am on the beach and we don't need self loving egotistical politicians like her in our area, She can help and we thank her but she still is an old time sleazy politician who should be voted out of office.

Tessa Marquis said...

Interesting - and weird - comment.

First of all, I have to remind you (as stated on the right side bar of this blog):

"Anonymity is for 12 step programs"

It is my opinion that cowards hide behind anonymity.

Secondly: Please note that this is a reprint from the Hartford Courant so the original author is most likely unaware of your criticism.

Lastly: I have no response to your ill-informed rant.