10 January 2012

Chris Murphy and Womens Health

On Friday January 6th Congressman Chris Murphy hosted a forum in Hartford, with a panel featuring the following Connecticut leaders concerned with women's health care:
  • Dr. Kristen Zarfos - Director of the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at St Francis Hospital & Medical Center in Hartford
  • Jenny Carrillo - Sr Vice President, External Affairs & Organizational Effectiveness, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England 
  • Rresentative Betsy Ritter - House Chair of the Public Health Committee in the State Legislature
  • Teresa Younger - Executive Director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
  • Christian Miron - Executive Director of NARAL ProChoice Connecticut
It is interesting that Chris Murphy, who I support in his current campaign for US Senate, is such an outspoken advocate for women's health care. His unwavering support for women's rights and the needs of families has distinguished him as someone who fully understands the view from "down on the street".

I also liked State Representative Betsy Ritter noting that there needs to be a focus on Science rather than Rhetoric, where real information discredits untruths.

One hour and 19 minutes, courtesy of CT-N:

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