14 May 2012

All Politics is Loco

Went to the Convention for the Democratic Party Endorsement for Congressional Candidate for the 5th CD.

If you want to enjoy a Convention or any other event, sit with Aldon Hynes and watch him live tweet.
Sit close enough to hear his verbal jokes as background to his typing.

OMG that vanity campaign of Dan Roberti's is embarrassing to watch.
Gotta say I have been to no less than five events where this guy steers away from being introduced, literally sticking his nose in the air. Any candidates who voted for Roberti had to be pandering for some ulterior motive. I will stop short of rashly accusing people of looking for personal monetary gain, since there is no evidence of that, but OMGOMG what a huge ass he appears to be. This was reinforced by the Yahoo Roberti supporters who tried to block Donovan with their sign when he stepped up to give his acceptance speech.

Ok so I also have to say that Elizabeth Esty's haircut and coloring looks great. The bob is flattering, and less schoolmarmish and the burnished auburn tint looks good. I still don't approve of ConservaDems with No Labels leanings. The search for common ground between the Republicans and the Democrats, at this point, will result in a negotiation into the stagnant water at the bottom of a drained pond.

The speech I liked among the (was it 6?) nominating speeches for Donovan featured the following (to the best of my memory):
Chris Donovan is a.progressive democrat.
Chris Donovan is a progressive champion.
We have a responsibility to send, not just a democrat, but a bold unapologetic democrat to Washington.

What She Said.

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