22 May 2012

[UPDATED] Today's Phone Call & Tonight's Cool Thing

On behalf of Common Cause…
After the Supreme Court's misguided ruling in Citizens United, which allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money in elections, Connecticut's General Assembly acted quickly to pass a disclosure law in 2010.

The law was a good first step but even with toughened disclosure requirements we've seen a huge explosion of secret political donations at the state and federal level since 2010. We must do more to tame the power of Big Money.

Yesterday, Connecticut's General Assembly took another important step forward. It passed H.B. 5556, strengthening our Disclose Law by giving the public a truer picture of who is funding political attack ads. The bill contains strong "stand by your ad" clauses and tightens rules limiting the coordination between Super PACs and candidates in order to eliminate the Super PAC abuses seen at the federal level. It also contains a board approval and shareholder notification provision, so that corporations will be more accountable to their boards and shareholders about any intended electioneering.

But this bill is not yet law. Please call Governor Malloy today at 1-800-406-1527 and tell him to strengthen disclosure in Connecticut and sign H.B. 5556.

Connecticut must strengthen our laws to protect against vicious, corrupting independent expenditure or electioneering ads by special interests -- on the left and the right -- that evade the law and hide their identities behind conduits and front groups.

A stronger disclose law will be great news for Connecticut. We need your help to make it happen.

Call Gov. Malloy today at 1-800-406-1527 and tell him - sign H.B. 5556 into law!

With your help, we can make sure that Connecticut elections are fair and transparent. Thank you.


Cheri Quickmire and Karen Hobert Flynn
and the rest of the team at Common Cause Connecticut
 Katie Hearn
Citizens for Economic Opportunity
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The 6th Annual Phil Wheeler
Vision for Justice Award
Mark A. Espinosa, President
UFCW Local 919
The 3rd Annual Laddie Michalowski
Workplace Justice Award
Sal Luciano, Executive Director
Council 4 AFSCME
Consumer Advocate Award
Jamie Mott

Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor St, Hartford, CT
6:30 pm
featuring Barry Weintraub, Political Comedian

$45 per person

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