13 May 2012

Convention Season

When I was a kid I got to go to conventions with my father: Architectural Conventions. I got lots of neat stuff like tile samples we could use in the dollhouse, and canvas bags with pictures of faucets printed on the side.

Yesterday I attended the Connecticut State Convention, where the only thing given away was a sense of dignity by Susan Bysiewicz.

Currently, her main theme is that "party insiders" shouldn't decide who the Democratic Party backs for US Senate.

Susie B. is a long term insider, and went to the insiders convention to get the votes from insiders to put her name on the ballot. If she wanted to be outside the insiders she could have by-passed the convention process and petitioned to be on the ballot, using the signatures of supporters from households, not Democratic Town Committees.

Remember this:
In 2010 Susan Biesiewicz ran for Governor

She did not opt to raise funding within the Citizen's Election Program, which is designed to have campaign funding come from individual residents, rather than corporations, lobbyists, and insiders. When I asked her about this, a program she claimed to support as Secretary of State, she told me that she "would not fight with one hand behind her back". I told her that wasn't going to go over very well with Progressives. Silence. I said "Perhaps you don't need the support of the Progressives." To which she replied: "No I Don't".

Then she ran for Attorney General

It pains me to have to hold back on bumper stickers that say "A Woman's Place is in the House...And the Senate....and the Oval Office." It would be a pleasant folly to imagine that gender trumps character. But this political season gives us a crop of experienced, talented, on-target men, and unfortunately has a sprinkling of less-viable female candidates.

Obviously, I am supporting Chris Murphy for US Senate.
And, No, I don't consider Linda McMayhem to be viable.


Anonymous said...

Indeed,the former Secretary of State, candidate for Governor, candidate for Attorney General, candidate for US Senate is an insider with antics which may hand the election over to Smackdown McMahon... Further troubling is what the auditors found:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704570904576180992159445656.html

Tessa Marquis said...

From The1&Only CT Bob:

"Now I happen to know that Susan Bysiewicz is a nice enough person. Some of the stuff I personally witnessed that she tried to pull at the 2010 State Convention left me cold though. And I heard someone say that she used her unspent campaign funds to finance a series of statewide parties in her honor, which if true, I think is at least somewhat unseemly.

She has pledged to run in the state primary for senate, which will be literally unwinnable for her and cost the state thousand of dollars, but that's her right and she is eligible to do so.

But I can't help but think how Susan is a like ship without a rudder, floundering to the port and to the starboard, looking for a harbor. First it was the Governor's office. Then, when it was likely she would be easily defeated, it became the Attorney General's seat. Which, when it was ruled that she couldn't legally hold that office, two years later it is now the Senate seat soon to be vacated by Joe Lieberman. "

Read his entire rant at http://ctbob.blogspot.com/