08 May 2012

Transgender Rights Are Women’s Rights

What it all Really Means...& Thank you for expressing it well

Why Transgender Rights Are Women’s Rights

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Late last month, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued an important decision protecting workers from sex discrimination in the workplace — but you may not have recognized it as such. On April 20, the EEOC released an opinion that said gender-identity discrimination is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the provision that has been the legal foundation for fighting sexual harassment and other forms of sex discrimination at work.
Protecting trans folks’ rights makes the workplace safer for everyone, but it also starts a cultural conversation about gender identity and raises awareness about not just the discrimination but also the threat of bodily harm that trans folks face when using bathrooms or just going out in public. Sadly, we’ve seen how grave this problem really is in the recent spate of assaults and murders of trans people.
 In its simplest terms, we have to incorporate trans activism into our women’s activism because it affects women — whether they’re transitioning or not, whether they were born near the female end of the spectrum or the male, and whether they’re transitioning away from or toward womanhood. Trans issues are women’s issues, and feminists should support protecting all people from both sex and gender discrimination.

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