03 September 2012

Dems Presidential Convention - Gearing Up

Too much to do.
For some reason I didn't know that Romare Beardon was from North Carolina. He was born 101 years ago.

It is best to go to a convention with a gang, so you are single mindedly on target for your events.

Sunday was great, as we had time to figure out the turf by taking the light rail transportation into Charlotte and then walk the Uptown area. Everyone's issues are based on transportation confusion and timing.

We were able to see what I am most interested in watching: behind the scenes setup. Rugs being unrolled. Lighting gear and sound systems being installed and checked. A guy repairing the sand sculpture that had been damaged in Monday night's downpour.

Then, at noon, we got to volunteer for NARAL Pro-Choice America.  
A very generous person had donated their house for the volunteer work, and everyone was upbeat and happy to be helping out.

"Not-that-Mike-Brown" is on the Board of Directors of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut and I am on the PAC. We are both volunteers with Planned Parenthood in Connecticut as well.

I can tell there will be no time to blog from here.

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