05 September 2012

Small Truths around the Dem Convention in Charlotte

Politicians are often better in person...Don't Engage the Crazies...Media people look monstrous

The Good
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz is very very pretty and petite.
  • John Kerry is kind of handsome.
  • The Mayor of Boston is a hoot.
  •  Politicians love babies. Democratic politicians love Kennedy babies. Patrick Kennedy has a new babie.
  • Elizabeth Warren is a freakin' Superstar.

The Bad
The police closed off the half block from the Convention Center tot he Planned Parenthood Rally, so that there was a long 4 blocks up-2 blocks across-4 blocks back down route to be negotiated, then creating a trap that left the ProChoice rally attendees stranded at an intersection dominated by AntiChoice protesters with a Microphone.

The result was human voices versus an amplified tirade of accusations. It was hard to hear the Our Bodies: Our Choice chant.  After about 40 minutes of chanting towards fake photos of baby body parts and hearing about Jesus, 50 riot police showed up. The pink T-shirted Planned Parenthood volunteers and supporters, in what the Antis will no doubt spin as a victory, decided to leave.

Police (I have yet to see a female cop - #Justsayin' ) caused this encounter by shutting down the streets.

The Ugly
Horrible moment when the sidewalk became filled with black suited bodyguards surrounding a tall blind automaton. White Blond hair, huge bug lens sunglasses, being guided and held upright by a tall fat man who whispered solidly into the ear of the creature.

Turned out it was Mika Brzinski (I don't care how it is spelled) on platform spiked Christian Louboutin $800 shoes so tall that she could barely walk, clearly stoned to the gills, being led down the street by Joe Scarborough.

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Goddammit Tessa, we need updates and emails about all the shit that's going on. C'mon, be a blogger!