04 September 2012

Dems Prez Convention 2012 - Women Take over the Ball Rooms

At the Women's Caucus in the Convention Center

Nancy Pelosi started with a speech and there was a standing ovation for Gaby Giffords but OMG (oh My Girls!) Donna Brazille brought down the house with her "Shake Your Tailfeathers" speeech.
Fired UP - Ready to GO
Cecile Richards is following this up with her own style (Texas, not Louisiana). As she travels throughout the US she keeps seeing signs that say

I can't believe I have to fight this shit
all over again
Cecile says: "But we will...But we Will."


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to speak. It is amazing to see her in person, (this is the third time I have seen her in 1.5 days!) because she is soooooo tiny. She is also quite "fine" as some would say.

"Women are: The Backbone of the Economy.
The Backbone of the Family."
Talking about her breast cancer diagnosis and Obama doing healthcare reform so that she and her daughters, who carry the cancer gene, are able to get treatment as needed, and "being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition."

2012 is Personal. This is Personal.

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Unknown said...

So excited you're there will look for you on the tube tonight! My friend Wynne's daughter Anakai who attends Urban is taking a class on the election and I am encouraging her and class to follow you here...