17 May 2011

Democratic Party Dinner and Schmooze Fest

Last night was the Jefferson Jackson Bailey event, an annual get together which is intended to raise money, and spirits, for the upcoming election cycle. Unlike the GOP equivalent Prescott Bush Dinner there were no protestors. Rumor has it that Tea Bags get soggy in the evening mist. Rumors, of course, ran rampant all night.

Most important annual feature: Connecticut Bob videotaping short interviews with politicos  (videos being compiled today so check back from time to time to the CT Bob blogsite.) [UPDATE: Connecticut Bob's still photos are up. Click here.]
  • Biggest avoidance: Lee Whitnum. I can say no more.
  • Energizer Bunny: Susan Bysiewicz. I can say no more.
  • Best sticker: Donovan for Congress. (guitar shape - The current Speaker of the House plays one ya know)
  • Rally and Largest  Sticker: Team Murphy - Congressman Chris Murphy running for Senate 2012
  • Alliteration Award: Team Tong Twenty-Twelve. Wm Tong also has an incredibly smart kid named Eleanor who may be his Secret Weapon.
  • Most Desperate Look: A Tie. I can say no more.

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