23 May 2011

The War on Women

Got an email today from Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, which went into detail about the War on Women.  Among other things noted in the email was this:
Anti-choice leaders pushed H.R.3, the outrageous "rape-audits" bill, through the U.S. House of Representatives, and now a vote on this legislation in the U.S. Senate could come down to the wire.

Show Congress You're Fighting Back

Anti-choice senators are preparing to move the War on Women forward with legislation that will deny women access to everything from birth control to cancer screenings to the right to choose safe, legal abortion.

Join the photo petition today.
  1. Make a sign. Make a sign from scratch or download and print out this sign.
  2. Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. You can use your camera, a webcam, or even a photo from your phone is fine!
  3. Email your picture to hall33ready@photos.flickr.com – a unique address that will automatically upload your photo to NARAL Pro-Choice America's Flickr site.
    (You can use the subject line to give your photo a title and the body to add a description.)
  4. Make sure your friends are involved, too! Get the word out.
NARAL Pro-Choice America will deliver your photo to our senators to make sure they see who these dangerous bills could impact.  Senator Blumenthal is a longtime supporter of women and girls' rights. Senator Lieberman is...well...Senator Lieberman.

Incidentally, the Connecticut organization, NARAL Pro-Choice CT,  welcomes your donations to support work to defend the laws that ensure women's reproductive rights are not abridged.


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