17 May 2011

Word is out... [UPDATED POST]

The website has launched, the invitations have arrived, the signs are being made, the endorsements have been given...

On April 28th, sworn to secrecy, at the Milford Democratic Town Committee's monthly city-wide meeting, members loudly applauded the private announcement of Alderman Ben Blake's candidacy.  He wasn't present, since it was a Budget Meeting night, but the cheers were probably heard all the way from the Elks Club to City Hall.

And then the topper: Suzanne Manning for City Clerk!

The popular publisher of Milford Living Magazine, a former member of the Board of Aldermen, member of the United Way Board of Directors as well as the Get In Touch Foundation, Manning is a favorite of Democrats and Republicans alike in the city.

What a ticket! It looks like the November election will be truly exciting for Milford, with such bright and well-liked candidates.

[UPDATE - 5/18/11 - Rumors are out in the NH Register and CT Post that State Senator Gayle Slossberg is considering running for Mayor.  DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Milford Democratic Town Committee. I have worked on Senator Slossberg's campaigns for State Senate (raising money, donating, walking door-to-door, phoning constituents on her behalf, etc). Gayle has not contacted me about this matter, nor has anyone discussed it at our city-wide meetings.  I saw Gayle on Monday at the JJB and she did not discuss it with me there. I have already endorsed Ben Blake for Mayor and have known about his plan to run for Mayor since December 2010 .]

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CT Bob said...

With Ben and Suzanne running for Mayor and City Clerk, Milford has a golden opportunity to get the kind of bold leadership that we've been lacking for so many years. Go Ben and Suzanne!