15 May 2011

People vs Politics - Budgets

The Milford City Budget will be voted on in the next two weeks. Having followed aspects of the Budget discussion for several years now, you would think I have lost the ability to be shocked. But no.

Head Honchos from two major Departments have informed me that the guidelines of their Budgets were predetermined by the soon-to-be-former-Mayor. Cut Positions.

At your job, if you still have one, or at your company, if you have one, a Budget is constructed with a combination of known needs and possible future purchases or increases in costs. When you are told to economize and cut your Budget, you slice away the least needed line items: break room supplies, fancy brochures, non-essential travel, tutus for the guys on the loading dock, new furnishings for the lobby.  But the very last thing you want to cut is staff.

These Head Honchos were not given an opportunity to make the cuts they would determine harm their departments the least. They were instructed by the Mayor to cut positions. Of people.

Begging for a chance to economize on office supplies and gas consumption, they were told "Cut Positions Only".

Both of the Head Honchos who spoke to me about this matter said they would have made personnel the last cut.

And they say it is purely Politics.

And they are angry and disgusted.

It is a good thing this Mayor is not running for re-election. When the Department Heads have had it you are losing all credibility in the city. It is one thing to close schools and lay off teachers (after all, kids get older and their parents may forget what happened),or cut Library hours (after all, only people who read will use the library and maybe they will all change over to Kindles) but it is quite another matter to have city employees turn against their bosses.

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