19 July 2011

Around the Connecticut Blogs

A liberal racist?
My Left Nutmeg:
Who Is the Biggest Right-Wing Media Hack in Connecticut?

Prosecutorial misconduct

a public defender:
Can you imagine if she’d been convicted?

McKinney dishonest?
Connecticut Political Reporter:
McKinney Blames Paid Sick Days For Manufacturing Losses

Jon Pelto Still Not Happy With CT's Budget

Wait, What?
“Tis Better To Look Good Than Be Good”

Ryan McKeeen thinks breathalyzers encourage drinking, not safe driving
A Connecticut Law Blog:
The Breathalyzer In The Bar: The Adult Attractive Nuisance

Many of us are part Neanderthal! (I was sure that it was just Republicans)
Archaeology News Report:
Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal

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