27 July 2011

Too Funny to Not Promote

Huntsman blames slow start on 'dog days of August'--That is the headline all over the media.  Ahem. The canned AP article does not point out that August doesn't begin for another 6 days.

Huntsman blames slow start on 'dog days of August'

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is blaming his slow start on "the dog days of August," saying he'll do better when the election season hits high gear.

Asked about relatively poor polling numbers, the former Utah governor replied, "If the election were next month, I guess that would be a cause for concern."
Huntsman told CBS's "The Early Show" that "it's going to take a little while" to hone his message of "moving this country to a position of competitiveness and job creation." He said "we've got a terrific presence in the early states" and said that he expects an even stronger organization on the ground by this fall.

Huntsman was the choice of just 4 percent of the respondents in a recent Suffolk University poll in New Hampshire.  (AP FILE PHOTO - June 21, 2011)

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