03 July 2011

A Good Day for Memories

Berkeley Girls, by Elizabeth Lennard

Artist's Statement
"The teenage girls are on their way to school, Berkeley High School. The year is 1968. They are moving forward, sometimes backwards in rhythm to the music. I recovered and transferred this 8mm footage, shot with my friend Warren Franklin when we were teenagers and recently reworked the images digitally.

I often use sequential images in my photography. One of my preoccupations is the relation between the still and moving image and how it can reorganize our sense of time. I am currently digitally scanning some sequences of 'Berkeley Girls' and making blowups. Scanning the tiny 8mm frames can be a precarious process, some of the colors have been altered by time, but rather than correct this, I make the 'random captures' part of the final print. This is my own private 'search for lost time'."

Connie (Constance Rivemale) now lives in Rhodes, where she owns a hotel. Lizzie (Elizabeth Lennard) lives in Paris, making films and theater pieces, and photographic art works.  Warren Franklin, formerly of Industrial Light & Magic, lives in Canada, I believe. Willy de Ville is deceased but had an interesting life and career.

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