27 July 2011

Lost Persons

From the Postcard Collection

When I look at this photo I always wonder:
Are the Mothers lost or are their children?

The question applies to this messy Republican Congress, which I consider to be the hydra-headed child of the Bush/Cheney regime. Are the Tea Party politicians and their Republican minions lost? Or have their deluded followers wandered off beyond the sandbox?

I keep hearing that in 200 days of the session the Republicans have not created any Jobs Bills and merely exist in government to destroy government.

Whoever got Lost first, they are taking us all into the abyss of Loss with them.

Demand a Clean Vote for raising the Debt Limit. End the wars, that will cut spending. Tell the CEOs and Chambers of Commerce that they need to open their wallets to create some jobs or they will be fined for sitting on their ill-gotten wealth. REFUSE to follow the Lost Leaders.

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