20 October 2011


The Get In Touch Foundation is a global breast “health” organization developed specifically for girls in grades 5-12 to emphasize the importance of educating them on breast self examination. The program teaches girls to “get in touch” with their bodies and has been developed by Get In Touch board members and members of the medical community, as well as focus-groups of girls ages 8-18.

Mary Ann Wasil Nilan is the founder and inspirational leader of The Get In Touch Foundation, which helps young girls learn that self-exams are easy, not embarrassing, lifesaving, and necessary. 

Though the work is year-round, one day each year is National “GIT Your Pink On!” Day. This year we celebrate/ruminate/and educate the community on Friday October 21st. Governor Dannel P. Malloy has honored G.I.T. with an Official Proclamation and this week many companies, large and small, are collecting dollars to provide free Daisy Wheels for girls. The Original Daisy Wheel is a plastic disk, used to teach the following 8 Tips - and for modern type people there is now a Daisy Wheel Application on the iTunes Store that has been downloaded over 1,000 times, in 26 countries, since its launch this summer.
  1. BSE Breast Self Exam - Think of your breast as a daisy.
  2. Look at your breasts in the mirror – hands on hips – tighten your chest. Anything weird? Discharge, puckering, dimpling?
  3. Lying down, firmly press 3 fingers on your breast in a circular motion. Examine each "petal."
  4. Apply 3 different levels of pressure – light, medium, firm – with your finger pads to check your breast tissue.
  5. Use pressure level (L, M, F) on each "petal" before moving to the next.
  6. Start by your armpit and move down to just below your breast, using the same circular motion in an up and down pattern, covering your whole breast. Repeat on other breast.
  7. Sitting or standing, raise your arm slightly and use the same circular motions with your finger pads to examine your underarm. (Standing in the shower is a great place to do this!)
  8. Did you see or feel something that worries you? Don't be embarrassed – tell your mother, father, sister, grandmother, school nurse, teacher, your BFF! Talk about it – GET IN TOUCH! 
Hope lives!  And so does Mary Ann

Further PS from facebook - an event on Saturday for Get In Touch Foundation.

"GIT Your Rock On" Rock Painting Contest

Saturday, October 22 · 11:00am - 2:00pm

Gulf Beach Patio

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Rock On is sponsoring a rock painting contest to benefit the Get In Touch Foundation. The contest is open to boys and girls age 7-12, bur we encourage people of all ages to participate. The participants will be supplied with paint and brushes to create their art on any rock that they can find on the beach. The suggested donation is $5 per entry. A limit of 2 entries per person. Three prizes for the top winners will be awarded by a panel of judges. Registration begins at 11 am and the contest will run from 11:30 am -1:00 pm. All proceeds will be donated to the Get In Touch Foundation. Rain date is Sunday 10/23.

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