24 October 2011

Jeanne Cervin for Planning & Zoning in Milford

You Know Jeanne Cervin                      . . . Even If You Haven’t Met Her
Jeanne Cervin Worked for You
Jeanne was on the Milford Planning and Zoning Board for two terms, serving as Chairperson for two years.

While on the P & Z Board, she shepherded through a regulation change that banned recycling plants and trash-hauling operations in the Housatonic Design District, a large swath of land along the Housatonic River north of Interstate 95. 

She also oversaw a regulation requiring that 50 percent of an existing structure be maintained for a re-build on non-conforming lots, thereby preserving the integrity of surrounding neighborhoods, as well as working on a pivotal regulation change that limited the height of residential homes on the shoreline. 
In previous terms on the Planning and Zoning Board, she worked on the Subdivision Regulations of the City of Milford, and was instrumental in updating the Plan of Conservation & Development for the City of Milford.  Jeanne also established an Ethics Disclosure Policy for Board members, instituted an orientation process for new members, and created the policy Member Handbook.
Jeanne Cervin is Your Neighbor
As a long time supporter and member of the Environmental Concerns Coalition, Jeanne has worked on numerous projects to protect the environment in the Milford. She is currently Chair of the Milford Environmental Protection Initiative, which offers grants to stimulate and support environmental protection in Milford.  She is also a co-founder of the Central Avenue Neighborhood Association.
Jeanne Cervin is Fair-Minded
Jeanne has always been a passionate advocate for bi-partisan cooperation, and was endorsed by both political parties her second term.  Consistent with her belief in transparent governing, she supported the televising of P & Z meetings. 

Jeanne Cervin is Caring
A psychotherapist in private practice with an office in Westport, Jeanne works with individuals in personal crisis.  Previous to her career as a psychotherapist she worked in varied positions as a Registered Nurse. Jeanne raised her two sons in Milford and is devoted to her three grandchildren.
So, as it turns out....
You do Know Jeanne Cervin!
Jeanne Cervin is the Caring, Fair-Minded Neighbor who Worked for Your Interests Before and is Willing to Do So Again. 
Vote for Jeanne Cervin on
Tuesday, November 8th
to return to the Planning & Zoning Board
for Conscientious

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